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Plum blossom three ways woven dress graphic method

2018-03-12 17:36:00

Recently Xiaobian received a lot of questions, one of which is the following Xiaobian for you to sort out the steps on the plum three way weaving dress diagram method, I hope these methods can help you.


First, the body: After 6 rows of 289 knitting washboard needles, change the knitting pattern A, 17 stitches *17 groups, after 4 groups of knitting patterns, 1 stitch in each group, leaving 272 flat knitting needles, 12-1-8 stitches on both sides, 12-1-3 stitches after 28 flat knitting, start weaving pattern B in the middle of the front piece during the second time, 252 stitches 60CM long, 12 stitches on each side, divided into front and back pieces, Weave first and then slice.


Then, the swallow collected 4, left 98 needles hanging shoulder length 16CM knitting oblique shoulder, 2-3-9, 3 needles swallow closed 9 times, left 44 needles. The front piece is 12CM away from the back piece. Open the front collar and fold 18 stitches flat in the middle, 2-2-3, 2-1-3, 4-1-4, the same length and flat fold as the back piece.


Sleeves: Set up 6 rows of 68 knitting washboard needles, change knitting pattern A, put 1 stitch in each group of 12 patterns on both sides, 4 groups of 4 times after weaving flat stitches, put 6-1-3, 8-1-2, 10-1-8 on both sides, 102 stitches length 42CM sleeve hill, flat 6 stitches, small swallow 10, long 55CM flat.


Then, the collar pick 140 knitting washboard needle 6 lines, the suggested front piece pattern B part of the starting point is low, and the line sag is too good, the feeling is too sexy, but also have to wear a halter shirt is more safe, like conservative points can open high point, open hanging at the same time start weaving should be better.


20 plum diagram fishing net, the first number corresponds to the number of loops, the second number corresponds to the number of braids, the third number corresponds to the number of fishing nets, 10 circles of braids around the garden. 1,8,10. 2,6,10. Three, six, 15. Two plus one. 4,6,15. 5,7,15. Six, seven, 15. Seven, seven, 15. One plus one. 8,8,30. 9,8,30. 10,9,30. 11.9, 30. 12,9,40, three plus one. 13,10,40. 14,10,40.


The advantage of this line is cheap, close to the body is very comfortable, the disadvantage is that the vertical is too good, wearing more and more long, more and more close, knitting a sweater is really not easy, we must choose a good line to live up to themselves.

Matters needing attention

The above methods are collected by small series, and I hope to help you.