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2018-03-10 03:12:00

The city is an ancient capital with a history of more than 3,000 years. It is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China. It is a national city, supermarket, politics, culture, international exchanges, scientific and technological innovation, and is a world famous ancient capital and modern international city.

Badaling Great Wall

[Transportation] From Jishuitan Subway exit B, there will be signs, follow the arrow to 877 bus terminal. The real 877 can brush the bus card, brush the bus card 6 yuan, cash 12 yuan. Before you come, be sure to confirm whether your bus card is enough for the round-trip fare, there is no top-up kiosk on the other side of the Great Wall, and you can also pay (e-Pass line is not good), or you will give 12 yuan in cash. If you pay cash, it is best to have change, some may not change. If there is no traffic jam, it will take more than an hour to reach Badaling. The return trip can be as early as possible, 877 bus is the last bus at 5 o 'clock, if you catch the last one at 5 o 'clock, then the possibility of standing back is large, coupled with traffic jams on the road, it is hopeless. You can choose to come back at 1:30. Return 877 in the [former mountain bear park parking lot], now think of it, forgot to see the free bear pavilion.


[Ticket] There are docents on the bus, who will tell you that there are three ways to reach the summit: on foot, by trolley, and by cable car. I am the kind of person who does not like exercise, chose to walk up the mountain, from North 1 to North 8 a total of one and a half hours, so I think the intensity is not very big, young people climbed themselves. At first, we chose to buy the ticket online for 43 yuan, because the ticket was 50 in my impression. But when I arrived at the scene, I found that the ticket was only 40 yuan, and I decisively returned it online. But be sure to refund online successfully, otherwise the window will show that you have bought a ticket, can not buy on-site oh. Id card, be sure to bring! You need to buy tickets. END

The Forbidden City

Also known as the Forbidden City, it is the most complete and largest ancient wooden structure complex in China and even the world, known as the "first of the world's five great palaces". The inner Court with the dry Qing Palace, the Hall of communication, the Palace of Kun Ning after the three palaces, as well as the east and west sides of the east six palaces and the west six palaces, is the feudal emperor and the concubine to live, that is commonly known as the "three palaces and six houses". The Palace Museum has a large number of precious cultural relics, according to statistics, there are millions of pieces, accounting for one-sixth of the total number of cultural relics. Watch demonstrations are held daily at 11:00 and 14:00 in the Clock Hall, which is not to be missed. The Palace Museum needs to be visited from the south to the north, the Meridian Gate is the only entrance, the exit is Donghua Gate and Shenwu Gate.


I am a history enthusiast who has been to the Forbidden City many times and found an uncrowded route: Morning Gate city wall → Pass Donghua Gate → Shenwu Gate city wall down. Such a route can overlook the Forbidden City and enjoy the feeling of commanding position. A piece of yellow glazed tiles twinkling in the sun, row upon row of arrangement. If it is particularly good weather, you can also see in the distance and feel a penetrating force. Most importantly, there aren't too many people on this route right now!


Tickets can be booked 10 days in advance on the Palace Museum's official website, with a daily limit. Real-name system, need to fill in the ID number, no need to exchange paper tickets, swipe ID card to enter. Adult gate ticket price 60, treasure hall, clock hall 10 yuan, older than 60 years old are half price END

National Museum of China

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (closed at 16:00, exit at 16:30); Closed Saturday to 21:00, closed Monday (including national holidays). Address: The National Museum of China, east of Tian 'anmen Square, No. 16 East Street, Dongcheng District, China is a large comprehensive museum, which gathers the essence of culture from all over the world. The museum has a total of five floors, and there are many precious exhibits in the exhibition hall, such as the terra-cotta warriors, Sanxingdui masks, and the animal heads of the Old Summer Palace. When visiting, it is like reading a living textbook, which is a good place for popular science and education.

Jingshan Park

Opening hours: Peak season (April 1 - October 31) 6:30-21:00, until 20:30; Off-season (November 1 - March 31) 6:30-20:00, 19:30. Address: Jingshan Park Jingshan Park is located in the central axis of the city, is the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty royal garden. The middle peak in the park used to be the commanding height, and the pavilion on the middle peak is called "Wanchun Pavilion", which can overlook the whole city and shoot the panorama of the Forbidden City. In addition, there are tens of thousands of flowers such as peony in the park, and there are flower exhibitions in spring, summer and autumn.


Opening hours: All day open Address: Dongcheng District East Street north Wangfujing is located in the east of the Forbidden City, refers to Wangfujing Street as an area, here brings together Xintiandi, APM, Yintai, department stores and other large-scale shopping, is an old shopping resort. In addition, there are food street, Wangfujing Church with a long history, which is a popular place to go shopping and taste food.

Bird's Nest (National Stadium)

Opening hours: Peak season (March 7 - October 31) 8:30-19:00; Off-season (November 1 - March 6) 9:00-17:00; The adjustment of the business hours of the scenic spot on holidays shall be subject to the announcement of the scenic spot on the same day. Address: National Stadium South Road No. 1 Bird's Nest, also known as: National Stadium, located at the north end of the central axis, is the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games, because of the high-end atmosphere and many international competitions held, has become a new landmark in recent years. The exterior of the Bird's Nest (National Stadium) is woven into the shape of a "bird's nest" by the staggered steel branches, which has a visual impact. The torch tower, which was originally placed on top of the Bird's Nest, has now been moved to the Torch Square on the northeast side of the Bird's Nest and can be seen outside the stadium. The interior of the bird's nest, with nearly 100,000 red spectators, is very spectacular.

Water Cube (National Swimming)

Opening hours: Peak season (July 1 - October 31) 9:00-21:00; Off-season (November 1 - June 30) 9:00-18:00. (The Water Cube is currently closed, and visitors will resume from September 5, 2019.) Address: Urban Beichen Road Olympic Park Water Cube (National swimming) is located in the north of the city, is the 2008 Olympic Games swimming, diving and other water events held, the building is very strange, the outer wall by more than 3000 irregular air pillow bubble composition, looking from a distance like water molecules in the blue sea. If you want to have a close contact with cool water, the swimming pool and Water Cube water park on the first floor can satisfy you. In addition, the colorful lights at night are gorgeous, and it is a good place to shoot night scenery.