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Overcome your nervousness about speaking

2018-04-05 17:36:35

What is nervousness? Psychologists tell us that too much attention to others' attention to themselves is the cause of nervous speech, what gun pointed at the head ah, the knife on the neck, that is the tension caused by the threat of life, speech does not have these, speech is too much attention to others' attention to themselves. When we talk, if we think they're all looking at me, are they laughing at me, how they're judging me, how they're judging me, it makes you nervous. Because we all often sit in the audience looking at the stage to talk about that person, in the heart of the evaluation of that person, now it is your turn to the stage, you will be nervous, this is afraid that everyone's common feeling. So, how do you overcome the nervousness of speaking?

Concrete countermeasure

Strategy 1: How to transfer attention? Suggesting that you do not pay attention to the stage, it is possible to suggest more attention, strengthen the attention to the stage will be more nervous. Psychologists tell us to distract ourselves by doing things like: Hands clenched, when I know it's my turn to speak next, this time may be nervous, this time you can clench your hands hard, tighten the whole body, for ten to twenty seconds, and then relax, so tight and then relax three times is not tense, even once, concentrate on, seriously clenched, instantly forget who is on the field, what everyone is doing, The tension goes away immediately, and it's very effective. But if you are sitting on the podium, this method may be difficult, the whole body will be tight, will let the audience see. Then use the second action: take a deep breath, take a deep breath, and then gently, evenly, slowly spit out, and then suck and spit again and again, at this time you just want to breathe in and out, you will gradually ignore the attention of the audience, tension will gradually release, this method is also very effective.


Countermeasure two: psychological suggestion


We regard the audience as illiterate, they can't even write the name, you tell these people you are not very confident? Think of everyone in the audience as a sack, or think of the audience as a vegetable patch, imagine those chairs are full of radishes, cabbage or potatoes, or think of the people in the audience as ants. Put the heart a horizontal, who are you, do not you how much cadres, how much knowledge, how much achievements, I now put you as illiterate, I said so, the hobby is not good, such a speech nine times out of ten can succeed. But most of our cadres are very real in their hearts, he can't do it, or they will be nervous. What to do?


Strategy three: Practice


Practice is a simple and very effective way to overcome nervousness, if you want to speak in the afternoon, after lunch, lock the door and practice loudly two or three times, you will not be so nervous on stage. If you have the conditions to go to the venue to practice, standing on the podium in front of a large number of empty chairs to speak two or three times, will greatly ease the tension. Practice is an effective means to relieve tension, but you must do two things, one must practice aloud, silent meditation will not work. The second is to practice completely, and practice the whole content of the text without dropping a word, which can basically overcome the tension. There is another advantage in the process of practice, that is, to prevent mistakes, do not know the word, until the stage to read the manuscript when found, how to do? You read a white word to make people laugh for a lifetime, if you jump over it, you may panic and make a fool of yourself, so practice can prevent mistakes.