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Other uses for markers

2018-04-24 14:24:38

We all know that markers can be used for coloring and as markers, but many people don't know that markers have other uses.


Marker pen


Lighter or match


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When writing a greeting card to friends, if you want to be more unique, you can touch the ends of the Markvari pens in the same color, and repeat over and over again, you can write a beautiful font with gradient.


Friends who like to take photos can also use markers to act as filters. First place a layer of transparent tape on the camera or flash, and then color the tape with a marker. Repeat this three times, turn on the flash while taking the picture, and you can take a nice bright color. (Girls who like to take pictures can try oh)


Every time I clean my home, I will worry that I am not clean, and I will teach you a way to leave a clean house. Apply a layer of transparent tape to the camera first, and then apply the tape with a blue marker. Turn on the camera, you can see that the unclean area will emit yellow fluorescence (note: look oh).

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