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Operating rules for emulsion pumping stations

2018-05-11 19:12:54

The emulsion pumping station is mainly to provide high pressure emulsion for the general mining face, as the power source of the hydraulic support and the moving face transport machine. The pumping station consists of two emulsion pumps and an emulsion tank, one of which is working and the other is standby. Zmjt055

Operating procedure

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Check before starting Article 7 Whether the connection bolts of each component are complete and firm, especially carefully check the screws of the pump plunger cover. Article 8 Whether the pump station is securely connected to the working surface and the night is leaking. Article 9 Whether the handle of each stop valve is flexible and reliable, whether the suction valve, manual unloading valve and working face liquid return valve are in the open position, whether the stop valve that supplies liquid to the working face is in the closed position, and whether the pressure gauge is complete, complete and sensitive. Article 10 Whether the emulsion has oil, soap, precipitation, discoloration, taste and other phenomena; Use the refractometer to check whether the ratio of emulsion concentration meets the requirements, whether the liquid level is above the 2/3 height of the liquid tank, and whether the lubricating oil reaches the specified position.


Starting procedure Article 11 After confirmation, exhaust the air in the suction chamber and drain the liquid, tighten the vent plug. Article 12 Open the valve on the suction and return liquid on the emulsion tank. Article 13 Point the motor and observe whether the motor turns in the same direction as indicated by the arrow, otherwise the switch should be reversed. 14th start the motor, slowly close the manual unloading valve, so that the pump pressure gradually rises to the rated value, and then according to the requirements of the inspection, found problems, timely treatment, otherwise not allowed to work. Article 15 After receiving the driving signal of the working face, shout to the working face: "Open the pump!" Then start the motor, slowly open the stop valve on the liquid supply road to the working face, and begin to supply liquid to the working face.