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One day tour guide

2018-03-11 19:12:00

Recently, I brush the video that pops out from time to time, the Lianyin club singing in the generous, the old man drawing water from the Black tiger spring, the bustling street, and a variety of snacks and delicacies... Only one day, how should play it, follow the rhythm of Xiaobian, play together.



Sun umbrella




Famous for its "Spring City", URI is the first of 72 springs, can not be missed, the ticket is 40 yuan, it is recommended to enter from the south gate, the north gate, or the east gate, after the east gate is the spring City square.


After the east gate comes out, you can see the spring standard, the spring City square, and at night, you can also see the musical fountain


Then go forward, is the Black Tiger Spring, you can see the old man who carries water, the spring water, like tiger whistling, walking along the moat, always have a cruise ship through, very comfortable


Go further, to the pavilion, free, standing on the pavilion can cherish the memory of the martyrs, but also can enjoy the scenery of the spring city, you can see the bustling people in the opposite...


Compared with the street, Kuanhou Li is quiet, clean and tidy, there are a lot of food to choose from, if Kuanhou Li can not meet your taste buds, go to the street, all kinds of food, let people linger


Go along the street, go all the way, through the old courtyard, more recommended this street - Pavilion street, quiet, more emotional appeal, a little bourgeois feeling, sitting on the wooden chair by the side of the road, quietly enjoy this slow time.


Through the pavilion street, came to Daming Lake, free, lake color, weeping willowlotus, steal the floating life half a day of leisure, only envy Yuanyang not envy fairy.

Matters needing attention

Take care to protect your finances


Travel in summer, pay attention to sun protection