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Microtransaction platform which is good

2018-05-14 08:00:59

Today, with the outbreak of Internet finance, investment trading is no longer a channel for a few people to make profits, and each of us can become a unique investor. This article mainly introduces how to conduct microtransactions from end to end, the steps are very simple, I believe that everyone will look at it.


Microtransactions rely on public accounts and do not require additional security board installation applications. Enter the official public account interface, click the "Registration" menu in the lower left corner to enter the account opening process.


Enter your own and set the login password, according to the page prompts to complete the registration.


This page is based on experience


First recharge the account and then choose the payment project you like to trade. The operation is easy to understand. Just determine whether the price of an asset is going up or down over a period of time.


Novice suggested to master a certain basic knowledge and then start to taste filial piety close to the actual trading. Invest carefully.