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Mi 8 brush the international version of the tutorial

2018-04-27 06:24:03

Many small partners like to get to brush an international version of the system, today to learn about the installation of millet international version. Before swiping, be sure to do a good job of data backup.


Mi 8


Browser search the international version of the official website, do not click wrong. Once on the website, click on ROM Downloads in the upper right corner. Once you go to ROM Downloads, you can see the download options.


Find the Mi 8. Click the model, enter the page, select the required version type to download. In order to prevent downloading the wrong version, it is recommended to translate the page with translation software. As shown in the figure.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


If the option to manually select the installation package is not displayed, you can continue to click the system logo until prompted.


After selecting the correct complete package, the system will automatically start upgrading and let the ROM fly for a while! When done, reboot into the new system.


Note: You can upgrade through the local update method without unlocking. This method is certainly suitable for the following situations: Update from Global Stable ROM to Global Stable ROM, from Global Beta ROM to Global Beta ROM, from Global Stable ROM to Global Beta ROM, and vice versa. If you encounter the problem that the refreshed page remains loaded for a long time after refreshing, you can choose to erase all data by entering recovery mode. You can turn off the device, then press and hold the Volume + button and the Power button at the same time to enter recovery mode.

Matters needing attention

Please keep sufficient battery for upgrade.


Before swiping, be sure to do a good job of data backup.