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Macau travel guide free travel to eat

2018-03-12 04:48:00

Macao is a unique city with a combination of Eastern and Western cultures, and has left a large number of historical and cultural relics, of which the historic city of Macao is a United Nations World cultural Heritage, and the name of one of the four major gambling cities in the world adds infinite mystery, so let's take a look at Macau tourism guide!




First take the bus to the station, out of the station to see the Gongbei port, get the XB predetermined L sign and send customs documents (5 minutes, ten pieces), with the flow of people through. After passing the customs, you can take the car to the destination attractions for free, but sometimes you will have to wait for half an hour. The other is the Macau bus, a few minutes each scenic spot has, the price is 3.2-5 yuan.


If not poor money can choose to stay in Macau, Macau's old five-star is very good, the hall of the exhibition is worth a lot of money. And it is in the heart of Macau, the geographical location is excellent. XB Lisboa Standard Room for 2 nights 2K.


If you stay in Lisboa, walk along the new road to Ma Dao Street behind the new Lisboa, where you can enjoy the famous Macao snack Margarita Tart, 55 yuan a box of 6, the taste can also see personal taste, remember to queue up to pay and then queue up to take the egg tart, they close at 18:00. Take a 10-minute walk along the New Road to the front of the Council House, the Home Affairs Department, the General Office, the Church of Mercy, the Church of Our Lady of the Rose and even the Da SAN Ba, the Grand Fort, the Museum are all nearby.

Recommended attractions

A-ma Temple is one of the most famous places of interest in Macao, located in the southwest of the Macao Peninsula, built along the coast, with mountains facing the sea, Shishi town gate and flying eaves. It is one of the three major Zen monasteries in Macao.


Tai SAN Ba Archway is one of the landmark buildings in Macau, it is the ruins of St. Paul's church, "SAN Ba" is the Cantonese transliteration of "St. Paul". The church was built in 1637, has experienced three fires, repeatedly burned and built, until October 26, 1835, the last fire burned it until only the main front wall of the church, this wall is similar to the traditional Chinese archway named "Dashanba Archway". Is the most familiar Macao architecture,


Macao Sightseeing Tower 338 meters high, set sightseeing, conference, entertainment in one, is one of the world's ten light towers, and as a sightseeing tower for the world's eighth tower, it is also the highest sightseeing steel tower in Southeast Asia beyond the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So this is definitely the best place to see Macau.


Venetian people Venetian people have a big shopping street, there is an artificial river, both sides are literary and artistic buildings, the top is the blue sky curtain, at first glance, I really think that I have come to a foreign country, there are cruise boats in the artificial river, the boatman will sing foreign songs for you.

Matters needing attention

1. Exchange patacas 1 week in advance. 2. Order wine 3 days XB in advance. 3, order L sign and send customs in advance, saving time than on-site. 4, rich car is cheap and comfortable, bus is fast and inexpensive, do your homework. 5, all kinds of food are praised, non-food do not taste all, try near the customized sightseeing route, there is no special trip, because the taste difference may be disappointed, and most of the rest with Cantonese breakfast almost 6, like leisure travel, try to rest after lunch at 13-15 o 'clock, it is best to take a nap in wine, otherwise the whole afternoon and evening have no spirit.

Matters needing attention

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