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Knitting scarf: How to close the double needle

2018-03-12 19:12:00

Some time ago, Xiaobian introduced the use of atmospheric double needles to weave a scarf, and how to add a beautiful and elegant fringe to the scarf, interested friends can click the following link to see, and then Xiaobian to introduce how to close the needle. 17 Rod knitting scarf: double thread knitting method, double needle knitting method 13 two-color tassel method 19 Small swallow closing method how to collect when there is a needle


Needle, wool


The closing of the needle is divided into two steps. The first step is to harvest the stitches as shown in the following figure; The second step is to retract the upper and lower pins with flexibility. The second step, Xiaobian has been introduced in a special article, the link is as follows, and the action decomposition of the first step is described in detail below. The introduction of other closing methods is also attached.


The first stitch is exactly the same as the previous stitch, which is to pick the top stitch that does not weave. That is, let the yarn be above the right needle, and the right needle will pick down the first coil.


The second knitting needle, before weaving, first put the yarn under the right needle.


Take the two stitches that are twisted together in the picture below and make one stitch and knit the next stitch.


Next, weave the needle, first put the yarn above the right rod needle, and weave a stitch. Friends who are not familiar with the knitting method can refer to the following links to practice.


The next step is to repeat these steps, one stitch up, one stitch down, alternating over and over again, so that the needle is harvested in a row. Links to more knitting works are attached for your enjoyment and reference!

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