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Journey 3

2018-04-04 08:00:24

With her unique characteristics, it's worth the trip. To save money for the purpose of travel, can save the place resolutely not to spend money.


An intelligence




After getting off the train, you can choose to take a bus nearby (I took the No. 4 train special line to sit on the main section of the highway, and a few steps after getting off the train, there is a travel Ji International Youth Hostel). . There are many youth hostels in the vicinity, it is recommended to stay in a youth hostel. A bed is about 30 yuan, there are double rooms, quadruple rooms and so on. Use Ctrip or Qunar APP to buy more cost-effective.


General youth hostel young people, will organize a lot of games at night, very lively. Sometimes there will be volunteers to recommend you to climb the Yulong Snow Mountain on foot, it is recommended not to participate, it is not cost-effective, but you are to go to pick up girls.


Will definitely go to see, it is not recommended to enter from the main door, there are tickets. Although there are scalpers, but also tens of dollars. From the hostel, head for the hillside, which can be accessed directly from the path. If you can't find one, ask one of the hostel volunteers.


If you want to go to Yulong Snow Mountain, it is not recommended to rent a bicycle, the distance is very far, the last ride more than 20 kilometers has not reached the foot of the mountain. It is recommended to take the No. 7 bus to the snow Mountain scenic area, and then take the shuttle bus of the scenic area, the snow mountain is to charge tickets, more than 100 pieces. If you want to go to La Shihai, it is recommended to rent a bicycle, generally 1 hour away. Usually between $30 and $50 if you take a cab.


If you have enough time and are not in a hurry to get home, you can take the train home. It is still recommended to pay attention to the tickets from Ctrip to the destination in real time, the general discount tickets are a lot, but there are limited periods, if there is enough time, you can consider it more comfortable than taking the train. However, the distance from the airport is far, it is generally recommended to pack a van to go, about 50 dollars, and it is estimated that it will be 60 to 70.

Matters needing attention

There are many places to eat, most of them expensive. Suggested to eat pork ribs, very cheap and delicious.


Lots of bars. Watch the tray.