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I've been driving for half a day and I haven't made any progress! What's going on?!!

2018-03-13 14:24:00

I've been driving for half a day and I haven't made any progress! What's going on?!! 2017-04-20 Wang teach Wang teaching car Most friends will consult the coach when preparing to learn to drive, how many people are a car when you practice there? I think there should be friends around me who have experienced 8 or 9 people in a car, or have seen on the network that they have to queue up to learn to drive, in fact, it is no longer so hot before, and the number of students is relatively much less. Subject two the most ideal number of people should be two to three a car, one person a car practice is easy to tired, tired, dizzy, etc., often there will be students say that practice for a half day but no progress, is the result of dizzy, tired, you can rest! But wouldn't it be better if there were two? Can communicate with each other! You may say that adding master is not also two people? This is related to the ability to understand and understand the perspective of the problem, if you have a problem master exam is not difficult, of course, it is not difficult to consider the coach's perspective of course not difficult! Therefore, sometimes it is better for students to communicate with each other, and it is easier to understand the questions. They are just beginning to learn, and they have the same questions and understanding. Most students will have a confused period, that is, the first day or two to feel good, the team is easy to get started, and practice a few days will feel how to practice more prone to error? It's okay. You'll make great progress after this period of confusion! Subject three training, many students have had such a feeling, after their own practice down but do not know what has just gone wrong, although the master will be in the training to comment on what is wrong, which is not ideal, and others in the training is very clear that this is not correct, that is good; Therefore, one person and one car is not the ideal, but to actively participate in other people's training, to watch how others practice, which is wrong, which is right. There is, one person and one car does not mean that the master has fewer students, and the master has more experience and students? Of course, reasonable arrangement is important! Speaking of this, think of a funny thing, once a coach in bragging "my pass rate is about 95%", I asked you how many students a year? He did not say, of course, we all know each other, he only brought less than 20 students a year, but they took about 20 in one or two months, the number is large, the impact of comprehensive quality will pull down the pass rate; Just like when there was a college student special field before, many coaches said that the passing rate of the student special field was so high, so the exam worked overtime in advance of the night to adjust the exam system easier, think about it? Only the student group, are the average age of about 20 years old young people, the overall quality is much better than the usual social students! People in their 60s all have them! That can be compared!!