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IT professionals should pay attention to two points when planning their careers

2018-05-14 09:36:16

First of all, do a reasonable career planning, can let the workplace take a lot of detours. At the same time, the career planner of Ambroch Computer School stressed that people who want to develop in the IT industry should pay attention to two points when making career planning:


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The specific major chosen should be in line with personal ability and quality. That is to say, we should rationally evaluate our own abilities, give ourselves a clear positioning, and then find the right way for our own development. Can not blindly follow the trend, others follow the cloud, this approach to a person's career development will not bring a little benefit.

Matters needing attention

Career planning is based on profound self-cognition and comprehensive social cognition. Due to the lack of social experience, college students cannot cover everything, so it is a good choice to consult more.