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Island - The Forgotten "Hawaii"

2018-03-09 11:12:00

Located in provinces, cities and counties, the island is a natural tourist island. It's a beautiful place surrounded by the world. When people talk about Hawaii, they think of hula dance, sun, sand, and waves. A very romantic place. Although I have not been to Hawaii, I have described from so many mouths that I have repeated images in my mind, people dancing together, surfing, or splashing in the water... All in all, the scenes are mouth-watering. If you can't go to Hawaii, but you have a yearning vision in your mind, then I welcome you to go to the island with me for a little turn, or it is also a "Hawaii" that you have forgotten. And you'll love it as much as I do. The island has beautiful natural scenery, cultural landscape, the bay is sandy white, the forest belt stretches, the sea is blue, with beautiful south Asian tropical coastal scenery characteristics, is swimming. Water sports. Leisure. A resort for health and wellness. The island is suitable for visiting in spring, summer and autumn, with a pleasant climate, beautiful sun and clear water. Sometimes the sea splashes, sometimes birds fly, sometimes there is a wooden boat across, one by one. Refreshing sea breeze rippling on your face, pleasant. Here is the world's first stone "wind stone", there is also the blue sea of "Maluan Bay" and that more than 2500 meters long, 60 meters wide beach. Wu Jiao Bay coastal Forest Park, as well as Dongmen Island and other attractions. Island ancient known as Tongshan, there are still built in the Ming Dynasty of Tongshan, located on the shore, the system for defense against pirates built, so far Xiongfeng dependent. There is a corridor winding path, exquisite elegant temple, also known as Wu Temple, built in the Ming Dynasty, so far prosperous incense. The total coastline of the island is 141.3 km. It is a subtropical maritime climate area with an average temperature of 13.1 degrees Celsius in January and 27.3 degrees Celsius in July.