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Industrial aluminum profile selection skills

2018-04-13 09:36:21

In the face of thousands of specifications of industrial aluminum profiles, which specifications should be selected? This problem bothers many people, including Xiao Bian. Many people online consult themselves want to make a frame structure, let Xiaobian help select, Xiaobian is sometimes uncertain, need our technical staff to help answer.


Industrial aluminum profile


Aluminum profile fittings


1. Cost factor. The weight of different types of profiles is not the same, so the price is also different. When choosing aluminum profile specifications, many people want to find a cheap one and save costs. Many buyers have cost control, so if the cost is too high, they will not consider buying.


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3. Decorative factors. Aluminum profiles have many colors to choose from, but not every specification has a color choice. Therefore, it is also possible to choose the specifications used for decoration. The color can be silver white, black, champagne, imitation steel and so on.