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How to visit Southeast Asia More Value: Princess Cruises Southeast Asia Travel Guide

2018-03-12 12:48:00

Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia... Southeast Asian countries have always been my top choice for short vacations with my family. About ten days of annual vacation itinerary, tropical delicious seafood and fruits, exotic environment and culture, colorful religious culture and so on; Traveling in Southeast Asia with Princess Cruises is a real release from the holiday season.


But if you have limited time and want to visit multiple countries, how to travel Southeast Asia is more worthwhile? In terms of time, accommodation, food, and attractions, Princess Cruises must be the choice of conscience. Compared with the previous air travel, cruise travel is more convenient and less worrying. The following table shows the difference between air travel and cruise travel (five times).


Last year, our family chose to travel from Singapore to Malaysia Peninsula and Indonesia for 11 days and 10 nights, and took the sapphire Princess, which was given the name of "sea sapphire" in Princess Cruise. It is worth mentioning that: During the period from 11/28 to 12/8, this route will continue to be launched, and tourists who want to go can make reservations in advance, and there are even itineraries for Southeast Asia during the Spring Festival.


The route passes through many destinations such as Indonesia (Bali) - Malaysia (Poh) - Penang - Thailand (Phuket) - Singapore, combined with the shore sightseeing projects selected by Princess Cruises, combining the ancient temples of Southeast Asia, modern and modern cities, bustling markets and quiet and leisurely natural scenery.


We set sail from Singapore at 16:00 on the same day, and unlike the endless flow of the airport, the sapphire Princess we took was quiet like a goddess in the clear blue, like a jewel inlaid on the sea. The first time we met, the family could not keep down their inner praise, and the children were Shouting to get on the boat for a sneak peek. Looking at the family filled with joy, really is not comparable to the traditional way of travel. What's more, the more than 13,000 yuan/person ferry ticket plus air ticket is not too expensive.


The outdoor pool on the deck is like a sapphire on a cruise ship


After a brief stay on deck, we arrive at the room that will accompany the whole journey, with neat beds, separate sitting area, walk-in closet, full bathroom... The high quality amenities of the mini suite make you feel really warm. Through the window, see the white waves and free seagulls, the immediate sense of the sea view room.


Mini suite with high quality living facilities


During the trip, what makes the family feel very satisfied is the cruise food, French food, Italian food, Chinese food, you can eat five or six meals a day, without the same sample, which is a real welfare for the food lovers like us! The ship's five main restaurants, an all-buffet restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a steakhouse, a lobster grill, a pizza bar, and a 24-hour snack bar are sure to satisfy your discerning taste buds.


Horizon Buffet




There are no lines in the cafeteria and the quality of the food is very impressive


Warm heart meal because it is the Spring Festival voyage, there are intimate Chinese noodles on board.


Sabatini's Italian restaurant


Alfredo's Italian pizza


In addition to eating and living far beyond my expectations, the entertainment on Sapphire Princess also let me open my eyes, grand dinner parties, various bars, wonderful performances... In particular, the night entertainment after the day play can better release the hard work of the journey.


Fancy dinner


There are many kinds of programs that Chinese people can participate in


Participation in the live shows is very high


Family time aboard the Sapphire Princess


Surprisingly, it is possible to enjoy the service of Tova on the Sapphire Princess. On the same day, I went to grab the registration and sent my children to participate in the youth activity project - Exploration camp, where children of all colors play and make friends together, participate in practice and teamwork, which really makes people feel trance in the fact of going out on vacation. Enjoy different seascape scenery, enjoy different cruise programs, taste different flavors of special food, choose Sapphire Princess to play, really make the journey add a lot of fun!


After talking about the feelings on the cruise ship, let's talk about the attractions in the journey! Although this is my first cruise, I have to admit that I am quite satisfied with the journey of Princess Cruises. The sea scenery and cultural attractions complement each other, and the modern urban sea makes me completely immersed in it.


The picturesque sea, endless, vast green waves, until the sky. On the outer cabin of the Sapphire Princess, you have a panoramic view of the beautiful sea, and if you are lucky, you can see dolphins leaping out of the water, adding a new twist to the already romantic color.


When the cruise leaves, the first stop is Bali. Bali is not only famous in the world for its natural conditions of clear water and white sand, strong artistic atmosphere and unique Hindu cultural landscape, but also for visa-free preferential policies.


Ubud Palace to Bali, have to visit the island's cultural landscape: Sea Temple - Mother Temple - Holy Spring Temple - Ubud. The reason why the palace is not as tall as imagined is mainly because the Balinese law stipulates that all buildings cannot be higher than the coconut tree, and the palace is no exception.


Sea Temple at high tide Sea temple is adjacent to the sea, so the weather is uncertain, if it meets high tide, sea temple is separated from the land, like an independent island, very magical. We can't help but pick up the camera in our hands to record the ancient people's wisdom and reverence for nature.


After two days of sailing at sea, the second stop came to the capital of Malaysia, POE, due to the relatively short stay, we can only go to the twin Towers and the surrounding visit.


Just adapt to the natural journey of sea navigation, at the beginning of the slope, the modern skyscraper city really makes people difficult to adapt, which may be the unique travel fun of Princess Cruise. From sea to land, from nature to humanity, from cruise ship to mansion, this contrast really makes people feel beautiful, praise from the bottom of their hearts. After the tour of the Twin Towers, we have to rush to the next city - Penang, a small city with a southern style.


Temple of Bliss, Georgetown


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Penang has become a holiday paradise for tourists from all over the world with its colorful and diverse culture, world-renowned cuisine and historic architecture that combine Chinese and Western styles. Join Princess Cruises and visit Malaysia's famous Chinese Buddhist temple, Temple of Bliss, home to ten thousand Buddha statues. Here we see the fourth largest reclining Buddha in the world. After a day's play, we will soon arrive at our next destination - Phuket Island. With such an intensive itinerary, it is fortunate that the Sapphire Princess suite can wash away the fatigue of the day. Phuket is an island in Thailand that has been granted provincial status. White sand beaches, strange rocks and jungle-covered hills are its unique charm.


Phang Nga Bay, Phuket


There are many islands in Phuket, Kamala Beach known for its cleanliness, Surin Beach with private style, coral island with frequent sea sports, and Bartan with rich nightlife. Take a full day trip to the stunning Phang Nga Bay, explore the bizarre rocks and islands of the bay by boat, and see the magnificent James Bond Island for yourself. After seeing the beautiful bays and rocky scenery of Phuket, head back to Singapore. Although there are thousands of things in my heart, but fortunately there is a warm farewell on the sapphire Princess.


11 days and 10 nights of travel, three countries and four cities tour, without the rush and fatigue of traditional travel, physical and mental strength can get very comfortable relaxation; The deep combination of the sea and the shore, the monuments and the food are even more memorable. In this impetuous era, there is a great need for such a trip to give the body and soul a new baptism. Of course, it should be noted that this trip was carried out in Singapore, because Singapore itself is a tourist city, so before or after the trip to visit Singapore, we are after the disembarkation and family to visit the Merlion Park, St. Andrew's Church and the National Museum of Singapore.


Finally, let me remind you that Princess Cruises Southeast Asia Tour is a particularly suitable for autumn and winter vacation, because the cruise is along the coastline, so it is relatively smooth. Not from the scenery, climate or food, you can experience the charm of Southeast Asia.

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