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How to use pearl beauty skin care?

2018-04-03 16:00:51

Pearl has been the beauty of beauty since ancient times, pearl in whitening, anti-aging, bright eyes, spot removal and other aspects have significant effects. Girls should know the magic whitening skin care effect of pearls. How to make pearl beauty skin care this season? Here is a look at its "best book". Skin whitening is not only to "whiten", but more importantly to solve various small problems of the skin, such as darkness, water shortage, color spots, etc., after these small "problems" disappear, the skin will naturally reveal a bright white skin tone. The magical beauty effect of pearls is that it not only makes the skin look white, but also its various amino acids and trace elements can make the skin anti-aging and remove acne marks. Let's introduce the beauty of pearls! The trace elements in pearl can supplement the nutrients needed by the skin, and adjust the balance of water and oil in the skin, adsorb the excess oil on the skin surface, and make the skin more tender. Local skin has acne mark, you can use pearl powder concealer, lasting for a long time, acne mark part of the color will become lighter, so that the skin color looks more uniform and clear. Editor's tips: (for severe acne printing) deep clean the skin before going to bed, with a cream containing pearl essence, thick smear a layer, because the texture of the emulsion is lighter, the skin will not have a burden, after a period of time, the acne printing part will be lightened, the skin looks more white and delicate. TOP2: The active ingredients in the whitening and light spot pearl powder, such as amino acids, can penetrate deep into the skin, remove the old waste of the skin epidermal cells, and be absorbed by the human body, to the overall skin conditioning and maintenance. And the nano-unit pearl powder can absorb the "garbage" on the surface of the skin, make the skin more clean and thorough, can better absorb nutrients, and make the skin more delicate and white. Editor tips: The appropriate proportion of milk and pearl powder mix well, the same, can be directly applied to the face, or soak into the mask paper, applied on the face. After about 15 minutes, remove the mask paper and wash it off. If the mask paper is too dry, you can apply a new layer. In addition to whitening effect, milk has the effect of moisturizing skin, I believe that this homemade mask will bring you unexpected results. Skin as fine and white as egg white. Pearl skin rejuvenation TOP3: whitening, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and whitening products often see pearl ingredients. For example, anti-aging creams containing pearl powder, apricot kernel essence, vitamin E and glycyrrhizic acid can activate the metabolism of epidermal cells, provide nutrients to the skin and reduce skin wrinkles. Makes skin more hydrated and elastic. Edit Tip: Pearl Essence ingredients can deeply hydrate the skin, letting the skin's moisture through the bottom of the muscle. A moisturizing pearl Essence moisturizer that adheres to the surface of the skin, replenishing it with moisture throughout the day, leaving every cell clear and lubricated, white and delicate, and the most attractive complexion all day long.