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How to use food to remove blackheads

2018-04-22 20:48:33

Now the weather is getting warmer day by day, and as the weather gets warmer, the human metabolism also begins to speed up, and the facial oil is more obvious. How to remove blackheads most effectively has been a hot topic of discussion in the summer. Xiaobian tells you here that in fact, you do not need to use products to go to blackheads, some food is a very good medicine, food is the source of human energy, different foods contain different elements, as long as a little use can solve skin problems. Xiaobian has personally tested some methods of using food to blackhead, the effect is still good, here to recommend several good methods:


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Washing rice water to remove blackheads: Washing rice water how to remove blackheads? If you understand the ethnic group, you should have heard that the Yao people like to wash with rice washing water, and the old grandmother does not have white hair every year, so the effect of rice washing water is very strong. We can wash our face with rice washing water, black head, but must be in the second kind of rice washing water, because the first line of rice washing water is more turbidity, more impurities, is not conducive to skin health, morning and evening, a week or so your skin will turn white, with a strong cleaning effect.


Egg blackhead: protein or egg film can be blackheads, protein can be put on the face, if the egg film is a little difficult to word, because of the thin film of the eggshell, it is difficult to tear down all, the shell film is susceptible to contamination, sensitive skin infection, so it is recommended that MM protein blackheads do not matter.


Tofu to blackhead: water tender tofu is very smooth, whitening skin, lubrication skin effect is very ideal, we only need to prepare a piece of tofu every day, tofu broken cuticles, adhere to a month or so, your skin will become tender and delicate, blackheads and acne effects to kick very well.


Yogurt to blackhead: yogurt mask can have a very good whitening effect, with yogurt to blackhead as long as it is kept for about a month, the skin will be realistic, blackhead and acne effect is quite good.