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How to turn off 360 bug repair pop-up reminder when booting

2018-05-11 17:36:12

When the computer is turned on, there is always a pop-up reminder of 360 guard vulnerability repair, of course, there are some benefits to fixing system vulnerabilities, but for a computer configured like a small series, the computer will be more and more slow to fix the vulnerability, so I do not want to fix this vulnerability, so how to close the 360 vulnerability repair pop-up reminder when the boot? Here's how to do it.


Boot 360 vulnerability repair pop-up reminder

How to turn off 360 bug repair pop-up reminder when booting

This pop-up window always appears when the computer of Xiaobian is turned on, and all Xiaobian is always closed.


So how do you turn this alert off? You can click the arrow in the upper right corner of the window that appears when you start up, and then click Settings.


At this time, in the window that appears, 360 vulnerability repair window, we modify the pop-up window Settings, you can choose the way you need, here Xiaobian directly click to close the pop-up reminder, do not repair. Yes.


Of course, we can also open 360 Guard, click the arrow in the upper right corner, click Settings to close.


Open 360 Settings where we click to select pop-up alerts.


Pop-up window Settings found vulnerability repair mode open.


Here choose your own way to use, and then click OK, so you can also turn off the boot reminder.

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