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How to treat elderly epilepsy?

2018-04-23 17:36:27

There is an old such as a treasure, the elderly body resistance to decline, the relative decline in physical function after the disease will be more and more able to intrude on the elderly, epilepsy is a kind of crowd onset, the elderly epilepsy how to treat it?

The dangers of elderly epilepsy:

Elderly epileptic seizures, most of them secondary or symptomatic epilepsy, often clear causes, such as early detection, early intervention measures and treatment, most of them may be prevented and controlled, but some elderly people have no precursor, once seizures, especially the elderly, can induce serious complications, such as fractures, head trauma or vomiting inhalation pneumonia, and even sudden asphyxiation. END


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For the treatment of senile epilepsy by traditional Chinese medicine, the clinical pathogenesis is mainly deficiency, phlegm and stasis, and the zang fu dialectical should highlight the kidney and brain. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine should be combined with the primary disease, the convulsions caused by senile epilepsy are mostly caused by wind fire phlegm stasis, liver Yang hyperactivity wind, and internal wind whirling. Can also see restless restless, red face red eyes, tongue red, red or dark red, smooth and large pulse string.


Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Shien Epilepsy Hospital "Fuzheng Zhen epilepsy" to "relax the liver qi, wind and calm, phlegm, Qingxin Ningzhi, nourishing blood and calming" treatment principle, regulate brain cells, activate brain cells, restore the regeneration function of brain cells, to achieve the balance of Yin and Yang, nourishing Yin and kidney, regulate Qi and blood, make the human blood flow, improve blood oxygen content, restore metabolic function, Remove the function of abnormal cells, thereby controlling the recurrence of epilepsy.

Elderly epilepsy can not be ignored:

The older the more will feel the precious time, do children all hope that purple parents can be happy in old age, the elderly epilepsy is a common disease, need to cause the attention of young children, so as to ensure the happiness of parents in old age, the earlier the treatment effect is better. END