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How to take a one-day self-guided Tour

2018-03-09 20:48:00

Is our capital, places of interest, natural scenery everywhere, then the first time to go to the small partners how to carry out a one-day self-help tour? Don't know the small partners below to take a look at the Xiaobian to share the guideline.


To go to Tiananmen Square in the morning to see the national flag, the weather is brighter earlier, the time to raise the national flag is different.


After seeing the national flag, you can visit the Forbidden City, the Forbidden City is very large, you can focus on visiting several scenic spots, and the visit time is controlled within half a day.


In the afternoon, you can visit the bird's nest and see the design style of the bird's nest. The bird's nest under the blue sky is also very beautiful.


You can also go to the water cube to visit, to visit the water cube at night is the best, the most beautiful scenery.


You can go to the Wangfujing department store, and go to the nearby Wangfujing snack Street to taste food when you are tired.


Finally remember to bring two roast duck home, authentic roast duck is also the most delicious.