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How to store children's toys?

2018-05-12 06:24:28

How should children's toys be stored? The biggest headache for parents is to see the full house of toys, especially the toys that are placed everywhere by the baby. Must want to jump the heart of the river have, in addition to the baby slowly grow up, toys are constantly changing, may be the baby will like this toy today, tomorrow will like to play with that toy. The baby's interests are constantly changing every day, and your toys may be disrupted, watching the toys at home are more and more, how can we store them neatly and save space and take them easily? The toys should be lost, those toys that have been damaged or have no storage value, children do not like not to play with them, parents should give people away, the lost can be lost, the more distressed the more reluctant to give up, the accumulation of garbage toys will only increase. Hold the fluffy toy with a clip or S-hook and secure it to the clothesline. Good looking and easy to handle, at home can be clothesline fishing on the wall, and then use a clamp to hold the doll's ears, the use of kitchen or bathroom storage tools will also be a good choice. A suction towel bar can also hold the stuffed animal in place. Using the baby's bath toy basket, and the kitchen storage basket toy storage basket can be used as a toy storage box. Suitcase, often used suitcase can also store children do not often play with toys, so as to save some space.