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How to seize Africa's mysterious business opportunities?

2018-03-10 04:48:00

Africa is a continent full of opportunities and challenges, the African market contains huge potential, for everyone to understand where the mysterious business opportunities in Africa.


1. Why do business in Africa? Fifteen years ago or more, the first people who dared to eat crabs went into Africa. At that time many people were representatives of the state foreign trade. They left their mother and started their own business in Africa. I usually do foreign trade. These people made a lot of money. And attracted more people to Africa. More and more people consciously go to Africa for development. They are engaged in a wider range of industries. Those who trade, those who work, those who cook. People come to Africa to do business because there are real opportunities. And all kinds of people can find roles in Africa.


3. Would I be used to living there? It should be said that everyone's ability to adapt is different, so it is difficult to determine whether you will be able to adapt to life in Africa. But people are very adaptable. People are forced out by circumstances. Generally speaking, when we go to a new place, we gradually get used to the life there. If you find it difficult to adapt to the new life, then we advise you to go to Africa, where the climate, environment and other conditions are better


5. How can I go? It's actually easy to go to Africa now. First of all, you need to apply for your passport at the place where you are registered. Then apply for a visa from the embassy of the relevant African country. Once you have your visa, you can consider buying a ticket and taking the relevant flight to Africa. On the African side, it is best to arrange someone to meet you at the airport and help you arrange accommodation. It's important that you have reliable people in Africa to help you.


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8. What projects are good in Africa? It's a difficult question to answer, and in fact, it varies from person to person. And almost no one can give you any advice before you arrive in Africa. A lot of people go to Africa and start with trade because it's really easy. It is often surprising how quickly captains of workers can start trading as soon as they arrive in Africa. They often start shipping within a month of arriving in Africa, or even before they leave. This is often because they have fellow villagers on the other side to help them do a good job of receiving goods.


9. Is Africa an easy place to do business? It's the same everywhere, and it's the same in Africa, business is not easy, it's not gold everywhere, it's not pie in the sky. However, money is easier to make in Africa, and business is easier to do. This is because many African countries, like our country in the early 1970s, have a blank market and relatively high profits. A lot of Chinese people have made a fortune in Africa making small goods, which is actually making some shoes, clothes, bags, watches and so on.

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