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How to save oneself in the ruins after an earthquake

2018-05-14 00:00:40

earthquake, also known as ground motion and ground vibration, is a natural phenomenon in which seismic waves are generated during the rapid release of energy in the Earth's crust. So how should we save ourselves in the event of such a destructive natural phenomenon?


Survival and self-rescue methods in the ruins after an earthquake


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


After the earthquake, there are often many aftershocks, the situation may continue to deteriorate, in order to avoid new damage, to try to improve their own environment. At this time, if the emergency kit is beside you, it will play a great role in your escape.


In this extremely unfavorable environment, first of all to protect the smooth breathing, remove the beginning, chest debris, smell gas, gas, with wet clothes and other things to cover the mouth, nose; Avoid faltering debris above your body and other objects that can easily cause falling. Expand and stabilize the living space, and support the debris with bricks and sticks to prevent further deterioration of the environment after aftershocks.


If you can't find the passage out of danger, try to save your physical strength, knock the object that can make a sound with a stone, send out a call for help, do not cry, impatience and blind action, which will consume a lot of energy and physical strength, as far as possible to control your emotions or close your eyes and rest, waiting for the arrival of rescue personnel. If injured, try to bandage it to avoid excessive bleeding.


If you are buried under the rubble for a long time, the rescue workers did not arrive, or did not hear the call signal, you must find a way to maintain your life, anti-shock package of water and food must be saved, try to find food and drinking water, if necessary, your own urine can also play a role in quenching thirst.

Matters needing attention

Remember not to panic and be afraid after an earthquake.