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How to remove 16 leading shark fins

2018-04-14 03:12:22

Loosen the screws from the inside of the car to remove it. Shark-fin car antenna products apply the world's leading electronic technology, compared with the traditional telescopic antenna, whip antenna and car glass antenna, Tianpin shark-fin car antenna has a very fashionable, dynamic, dazzling appearance, and integrated FM, GPS, GSM and other powerful automotive electronic functions. Shark fin antennas can be divided into two types according to their functions, one is a functional antenna, and the other is a decorative antenna. The former needs to connect the internal wiring of the car, replacing and exceeding the function of the original rod antenna. The latter can release static electricity and enhance the signal. Because the products on the market are always mixed, some people buy poor decorative antennas or poor quality functional antennas, so the shark fin antenna is misread. In fact, we do not want to eat for fear of choking, when purchasing products, spend more money, do not be greedy for small bargains, buy the top brand products, and then look at the sales volume of these brand products, user experience, you can buy high-quality shark fin antenna. Wrap the shark fin antenna of the same color as the body paint in a circle with 3M tape, smooth it as far as possible, disassemble the light on the rear seat of the car, and remove the antenna base. Take off the tape, put a circle of glue around the antenna, it doesn't matter how much. Align and paste. Pull a few strips of tape over the mounted shark fin antenna to hold it in place and allow the inner glue to dry. If the weather is fine, leave it on for 24 hours and remove the tape.