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How to record micro-lessons with tablet?

2018-04-24 12:48:07

In addition to the shooting mentioned in the previous article, we can also use tablet computers to make micro-lessons. Since the tablet comes with a stylus, and its pen experience is close to the real pen and paper, so the use of tablet recording micro-lessons has increased. At the same time, it also needs the corresponding app. 14 How to record micro-lessons




Recording micro-lesson app


Open the APP on your tablet. You only need to click the camera button in the upper left corner of the screen during the recording session, that is, you can write and draw on the screen while explaining. Click the camera button again to stop recording.


2, recording, support to change the screen background color (black and white green three colors), change the color of the pen, draw a line box circle and other basic shapes, while supporting content paging. More advanced features also include: support to import pictures, even PPT documents in advance, you can write in the picture or PPT page when recording (but do not support PPT animation). When upgraded to the professional version, you can even perform simple operations such as cutting directly in the tablet.


3, after the recording, the video is generated at the same time. Export videos to a local album with a simple operation. Then through the data line, you can copy the recorded micro lesson to the computer. In this regard, many foreign similar apps do not support the export of video, micro lesson treasure can do this is commendable!

Matters needing attention

This method is more suitable for handwritten deduction (such as mathematics), or in the picture, PPT page annotation method. If you used to use a tablet + screen recorder software, or record pen + white paper, this way can reduce a lot of work.


Using this method, since PPT animation can not be retained, nor can it be as rich as video editing software, it is difficult to build a better situation, and it is not suitable for disciplines and knowledge that need context to support learning.