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How to open pdf format?

2018-05-14 19:12:55

At present, many file editing contents are converted to pdf files, the use of such pdf files can not be directly modified, so as to ensure the content of the file, then in the relevant files into pdf files, you need a pdf reader, in order to open the content of the pdf file information, So how to open the pdf format file content?




Open the browser in the browser, and then enter the URL in the browser address bar, enter the pdf reader in the input box to download, choose their own reader need pdf.


After the download is completed, install the reader. The installation step is not demonstrated. Select the pdf that needs to be opened in the computer, right-click it, and select "Open mode".


The option to select "Select default program" will pop up in the next level menu.


Then an open way window will pop up, in the window to select the "pdf reader" option.


This pdf file will be opened, you can use the reader to browse the content of the pdf file information.


Or through other ways to open the pdf file in other ways, click the "file" in the menu, and then select the pdf file by opening.