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How to not queue up, eat a Haidilao hot pot?

2018-04-06 14:24:17

Haidilao hot pot has always needed to wait for a seat at the peak, but many times we can not sociate, dinner in the low peak period, but also lost the atmosphere of dinner. In fact, Haidilao hot pot has a Haidilao delivery team, her delivery team is also thoughtful service, so how to quickly point to a Haidilao delivery home on weekends or holidays?


1) Pay attention to "Haidilao delivery" or "Haidilao hot pot" public number: Recommendation index: five stars. Recommended reason: the most convenient, the most activities.


2), takeaway: Recommendation index: Five stars. Recommended reason: The platform is also strong.


3) Search for "Haidilao delivery" : Recommendation index: five stars. Recommended reason: No need to pay attention to, but also everyone often install super APP.