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How to make a scarf with wool

2018-03-13 00:00:00

Scarves are indispensable in winter, that is, they can keep warm and can be used as clothing accessories. There are many ways to surround it. It looks better with mohair.


Large knitting needle, two balls of blue-gray scarf knitting needle, two pieces of cardboard, a pair of scissors.


First, use a rod needle to stitch 22 stitches, 4 patterns, a total of 5 flowers.


Then pick up the first stitch and weave a flat stitch for 6 consecutive rows.


The seventh row of knitting pattern, the first stitch to pick up the unknitting, and then weave 4 needles, wrap the thread twice.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 to weave to the desired length. Wrap around your neck twice to your hips. Use the flat stitch method to close the needle.


Finally do the wool ball, square cardboard two pieces together, the length determines the size of the wool ball, about 6-8 centimeters. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard, wrap it over and over again and tie it in the center. Cut it out of the center with scissors and shape it into a round shape. Gently rub the yarn in the palm of your hand to make the ball more full. Then tie the ball's scarf together with the wool. And you're done. Using a comb to comb in the same direction will look better.

Matters needing attention

When weaving, the belt line should be uniform to avoid uneven clothing.