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How to install the ordinary power amplifier ok board

2018-04-26 16:00:31

Today I will simply introduce the ordinary power amplifier how to install the ok board


First check step by step, cancel the output end on the side of the tone board OK board (that is, the input left and right channel line of the power amplifier after the board), and then start to listen, if there is noise (buzz),


The problem is on the side of the power amplifier board, at least exclude this side and then check down, mainly the ground line is repeatedly grounded, that is to say, the loop is grounded,


To put it bluntly, this end is grounded and the other end is grounded once or many times, and it must be removed, and the multimeter quantity is used while dismantling.


Finally, all the ground is blocked, and then restore the ground wire that is finally removed, and connect it up, it will not be repeated, which means that only one ground is left in the end,


Single end ground. I hope you can understand the method and meaning, so that the bottom check the previous level is easy to check, the same method.


I hope my experience is helpful to you