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How to implement performance appraisal in Worktile

2018-04-13 17:36:07

With the continuous development of the business environment and enterprises, the performance appraisal indicators of employees of enterprises are becoming more and more diverse, such as KPI, MBO, 360, PBC, OKR, etc., and with the development and changes of enterprises, the way of performance appraisal will also change. How to better implement the performance appraisal plan of the enterprise rather than just floating on the surface and in the form is the difficult problem of the current enterprise performance appraisal theory. Worktile has been deep in the field of performance measurement, hoping to help most businesses solve this problem through software.




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Create assessment Click "Create Assessment" in the upper right corner of "Assessment Theory", open the assessment window, fill in the contents according to the prompts, and confirm the assessment method and scoring method. And the public the scope of the assessment results and content, click confirm to create a review. After creating the assessment, select the person to be assessed in turn, add the previously set assessment indicators, assessment processes, and score levels respectively, and then initiate the assessment.


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After the main evaluation is submitted to the examination and approval department, HR will initiate a communication with the employee and his/her supervisor, and adjust the employee's assessment score according to the result of the communication. Points can be added and deducted on the basis of the original score, and the final assessment result of the employee will be adjusted after the score. After completing the communication and confirmation of the assessment results, HR can submit the assessment results to the relevant leaders for approval and confirmation, and the relevant leaders can agree with the assessment results or reject the assessment results for further adjustment.


After the assessment results are approved, the assessment can be ended and the assessment results announced. After the assessment, if the employee is set to view and assess the results, you can view the results or details of the assessment in my score.