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How to harvest wood fungus

2018-04-24 08:00:48

Today's experience and everyone talk about how to harvest wood fungus, I hope to help friends in need.


Growing black auricularia fruiting body, dark brown in color, the edges of the auricle are rolled in, elastic, and the roots of the auricle are flat and wide.


With the gradual growth of ear buds, the color of ear pieces gradually becomes lighter, the ear pieces stretch and become soft, the meat is thick, the ear roots shrink and become thin, and the abdominal surface of the fruity body (smooth surface) begins to produce white powdery spores, indicating that the fruity body of black fungus has matured. Fresh and moist black fungus pieces should be picked in time, and it is not easy to pick the whole one.


Generally in the morning after the rain or after the green stop artificial water, when the fungus is dried to semi-dry (the ear has dried, the ear base is moist), it is best to pick when the ear is dry, sunny morning dew is not dry, too dry, you should spray water first, let the ear slightly moistened and then pick, otherwise it is easy to break the ear, causing loss, so yellow fungus, less water content, easy to dry, will not appear "fist ear", broken The ear is also less, which is conducive to improving the yield and quality of dry ear.


When picking the fungus, use your fingers to pinch the whole fungus together with the ear base, and twist it a little, you can pick the fungus completely and put it in the basket.


Do not grab the ear piece, hard pull, so as not to pull the wood ear into fragments, and the ear pieces and ear roots remaining on the ear rod are easy to rot, affecting the regeneration of ear buds.


Harvesting requirements are slightly different for fungus growing in different seasons. Spring ears growing before Minor Heat and autumn ears growing after End heat can be harvested large and left small (those whose fruiting bodies meet the harvest standard are large and those who do not meet the harvest standard are small).


Because the temperature is lower at this time, there are fewer pests, leaving the young ears can continue to grow. Volt, which grows in dog days, requires the size to be picked together. Because of the high temperature in the summer, there are many pests, and the young ears left behind are often eaten by pests. Therefore, when most of the numbers reach the harvesting standard, the size is picked together.

Matters needing attention

The above content comes from edible fungi 400 questions