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How to get to Zelda Thief Base

2018-04-07 01:36:17

In our daily life, we often encounter the problem of how to live Zelda Thief base, and we often do not know how to deal with it. Below, let Xiaobian provide you with a solution to this problem, hoping to provide you with some help.


First of all, enter [Gerudo Town / ゲルドの street] dressed in women's clothing, this is a town, you can buy a little food, clothes and whatever you need. Follow the map directions to the Queen's palace, and after a conversation, they learn that their national treasure "Thunder helmet" has been stolen. Go out through the side door, where is the barracks, and talk to the captain to determine the location of the thieves' base, one of their sisters to investigate, has not returned.


Then, you can light [Gerudo /ゲルド tower] on the way. There is also a Trial temple outside the Igaguan base. By blasting mines and placing glow-in-the-dark stones on the platform, the Trial Temple will rise. Before we enter Iga, we'll be greeted by a few goons, teleporting archers. See where they are, approach them early, and kill them. If you've upgraded the Sika SLATE's time freeze ability, you can just lock them down and attack. Enter the front hall of the thieves, there is a circle of curtains hung here, and use the torch in the hall to burn these curtains, one of the curtains is behind the road, other curtains behind the treasure chest, bats.


Then, meeting our captive Gedudo sister, she told us that the Iga soldiers had little else but no resistance to bananas. What follows is a battle to infiltrate. We can't let the enemy see us, or we'll have a bunch of Iga soldiers. Iga fighters who use the Taijian are very good at attacking, and if you are not confident in your fighting skills, don't mess with them. Lure them away with a banana, just sneak around behind them. First guard, place a bunch of bananas on the ground, go around the pillar to his back, and press the Y key to kill him directly. The guard in front of the door would throw a bunch of bananas, he'd run to pick them up. Continue, to a larger room, more guarded, more complicated to infiltrate.


Then, don't rush in, first take the fork outside the room, climb the ladder to the second floor, from here you can overlook the layout of the entire room. There are a bunch of bananas in the room on the second floor, and with enough bananas, it will be easier to see the layout of the room and then go down to infiltrate the battle. Float straight down from the second floor to a more accessible location. In the first floor scene, there is also a ladder to climb, with treasure chests, and it is easier to kill the remaining enemies. Send the guard in the distance a bunch of bananas, kill him, climb the ladder, throw a bunch of bananas here, just to kill the enemy against the wall below. In fact, it's easier to go in through the front door and kill the other enemy who is walking back and forth first, and then kill the enemy against the wall. There are many ways to infiltrate. There's no formula.


Then, after this invasion, the curtains hanging on the walls of this room can also be burned, and there are treasure chests inside. Continue to an empty room. Treasure chests on the ground can be pulled out with magnets. Use magnets to open the secret door in the wall and begin the Boss battle of the thieves.


Finally, in the first stage, the Boss raises his shield, and frontal attacks are ineffective. When the Boss conjures a rock to hit us, the shield disappears, and you can throw bombs and arrows at the Boss. The rock he conjured up fell on himself. In the second stage, the Boss floats into the middle of the field and produces two rotating stones. When the block turns over the Boss's head, throw a bomb or arrow to interrupt the Boss, and the block will send the Boss flying. In the third stage, the Boss conjures a giant iron ball and attacks us with a magnetic throw ball. Pull out the magnet and fight him, after killing the thieves group Boss, return to Gerudo City, ready to challenge the thunder God beast.

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The above solutions are provided by Xiaobian, and I hope to help you.