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How to get to the old Town from departure

2018-03-10 08:00:00

In addition to the large town of ancient town, there is an ancient town, about two or three friends on the weekend, to happy we are not driving, from the south high-speed rail to (bullet train 45¥), stop by bus 101 (2¥), night shift to 22: 40), to reach the town area, you can choose to walk to the town, you can also take three rounds (10¥) to reach the town before the network ticket is cheaper than the scene, attractions to visit


Id card, money


1, from the south to the train, the time difference between high-speed rail and bullet train is almost the same, but the price is nearly twice as expensive, early booking to buy bullet train! 2, a fat pig town ticket is 80, a bee cheap ten (if you live one night, it is recommended to set a joint ticket, take a small boat at night is also very good) 3, there are many guesthouses in the town, you can see a number of apps, see more evaluation


Take the bullet train to the high-speed rail station, out of the high-speed rail station, find the bus station, take the 101 road 101 conscience bus ah, take the fast 1H journey, the fare is only 2 yuan, to the terminal road station


Here is very close to the ancient town, you can use navigation to walk, you can also call a tricycle, ten dollars in the past, but you have to tell him clearly, where to go, there are many entrances to the ancient town, our accommodation is in the hundred rooms, so call the master sent us to the hundred rooms


We arrived in the evening, after a time, into the ancient town will not be the ticket, at night to see the riverside lamp, walked to the small lotus village scenic spot, spent 30 a boat ticket, took a small black tent boat, swaying (the ship ended at 21:00, master the time) Note: If you arrive at the scenic spot after 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, you can ask the conductor to stamp the ticket, and visit the ancient town again with this ticket the next day, a ticket to play for two days


Stay in a homestay and get up early the next day! There are very few group tourists before nine or ten in the morning, in order to take photos, get up early and the tour route basically starts from Xiaolangzhuang, or hundred rooms, and drive all the way past


Since I have been in the town for nearly ten years, I am not interested in the specialties of the ancient town. If you can buy and eat it by yourself, you should try a water shield, just like a small lotus leaf, but the boiled soup has a transparent protective layer, which is not available elsewhere. Others please watch yourself to eat, hey hey


Leave, or take 101, it is best to avoid express in the ancient town, because it was pit, said that the ancient town has a one-way street can not come, let me walk past, there is no send me to the destination, flatulence. After arriving at the high-speed train station, still buy tickets in advance, comrades, the bullet train is still cheap, but the bullet train back is expensive and the bullet train has 52 yuan, so it is absolutely necessary to buy in advance

Matters needing attention

Train tickets in advance, tickets in advance, code ID