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How to get medicine in King Glory Border Breakout mode

2018-04-23 16:00:05

In the latest version of the King of Glory game, a new game mode is introduced at this time - Border Breakout. In this mode, players want to get medicine, how do they get it? The following is to share with you the method of obtaining drugs in the King's Glory border breakout mode, hoping to help you.


King of Glory APP software

Method 1:

In the Border Breakout mode, the player will encounter the demon, and in order to obtain medicine, it is necessary to successfully kill the demon.


After killing a demon breed, equipment and items will be dropped, and picking up these items is likely to obtain medicine.

Method 2:

In Border Breakout mode, players can also purchase drugs in [business] by first clicking the money bag icon on the left side of the page.


At this time, the "Business" page will pop up, and then click the "drug" on the left side of the page.


After entering the 【 Medicine 】 page, the player will see the recovery potion, small medicine bottle and large medicine bottle, and then select the medicine to buy.


After selecting the drug, two function buttons of pre-order and purchase will appear at the bottom of the page, and then click the "Buy" button.


Once the player has a drug, they can then click on the drug icon on the game page to restore health.

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