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How to fix a leaking toilet

2018-04-05 12:48:49

The toilet is a frequently used and indispensable item in the family. If water leakage affects normal living conditions, it is a very troublesome thing. It is also very important to master some basic knowledge of toilet maintenance. Here are some things about toilet leakage repair.


Adjustable wrench


Repair replacement parts


First of all, check the toilet leakage site, and take different maintenance methods according to different leakage locations. 1, the water part of the water leakage, please see step 2 2, the toilet flushing inner wall of the water leakage, please see step 3, the bottom of the toilet and the floor of the joint leakage, please see step 4


Water leakage, to check the water leakage position, as follows: 1, triangle valve spool leakage, it is necessary to replace the triangle valve. 2, the triangle valve interface and the soft itself are leaking, to remove the rubber to check the interface part, whether aging, whether the raw material belt off, if there is no obvious damage, after washing, wrap the raw material belt to reload. If the damage is serious, replace the damaged parts.


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The bottom of the toilet and the floor seam leakage, to prepare quick-frozen cement, stir with water, evenly spread on the seam, and keep dry for 48 hours.


If you come across something you can't handle, and something not mentioned above. Please close the triangle valve and repair it.

Matters needing attention

The triangle valve should be closed first when the toilet is leaking