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How to dry clothes better

2018-04-13 06:24:21

Clothes should not only be washed, but also dried. Most people only pay attention to washing clothes do not pay attention to drying clothes, in fact, drying clothes is also very important, can make clothes not easily deformed.


1. Clothes should not be exposed to the sun, should be dried in a ventilated place until half dry and then put under the weak sunlight to dry, in order to protect the color and service life of the clothes.


2. Do not wring your clothes too dry when drying them. You should take some water to dry, and use your hands to smooth the skirt, collar, and sleeves of the clothes, so that you can prevent wrinkles and keep the clothes flat.


3. Pay attention to the wind direction when drying clothes. Due to the serious pollution in the city in recent years, especially downwind near the work area, the air often contains a lot of dust. If you ignore this phenomenon, clothes will be easy to pick up dust, affecting the wearing effect.