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How to do a good travel guide

2018-03-10 16:00:00

I have been to the most warm and refreshing place, of course, I have been to the place less, also suffered a little, the following talk about the precautions, hope to travel more satisfactory and perfect


Hat, sunscreen,


Pay attention to the weather. Generally, when the temperature is still relatively low in the mainland, it is already hot, with a sunscreen hat, sunscreen oil, and a sunshade coat, you can wear shoes refreshing clothes, you can take a pair of slippers, the beach is sure to play


Ferry tickets to Peng Lang Island. This is a loss, be sure to book the ferry ticket in advance on the official website, about 25 yuan including back and forth, very cheap, if the day to buy tickets, about 250 (expensive is not a little Ha), you can directly search the official website, there is no need to go to the pier to buy


Schedule your trip wisely. There are mountains, water, and islands, which requires a reasonable arrangement of the foot, if the time is free, one day to climb the mountain, the other day in the island, otherwise you will be paralyzed in the entrance of the island, half a step can not walk, a waste of the scenery of the island


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


Avoid holidays. Because of the holidays, the consumption is not a grade, the National Day hotel will reach 45 hundred, and usually only need about 200, of course, this is a civilian hotel, you can afford to spend, and then the air ticket will be much cheaper.


Pay attention to well-known streets. Found that each well-known scenic spot has a well-known street, we come here, only to find that there is no special products, are some of the same goods, or network red products, perhaps so as to drive consumption, according to personal interest to buy.