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How to distinguish the level of TCM

2018-04-03 14:24:12

In my opinion, the current situation of Chinese medicine is worrying, I have always thought that it is not a few flies in the outside world, the most important thing is that the actual level of Chinese medicine practitioners can not be improved, and what is more terrible is that some people who have no introduction through commercial packaging, than really have the level of Chinese medicine in the public more influential. From the point of view of the public, the life and health entrusted to those so-called famous doctors who seem to be competent, but in fact are just commercial props, the money is paid for a small matter, and the loss of health has left endless future problems for life, which is really sweating. In fact, it is very difficult for laymen to judge the professional level of experts, especially Chinese medicine, because its theory is far from the modern knowledge learned by modern people, and those modern people who do not engage in Chinese medicine can hardly access it for a lifetime, so it is even more difficult. So how can we distinguish the level of a TCM?


Inquire about this TCM on the Internet


Ask around for medical advice


Pay attention to their method of pulse diagnosis


To judge the level of a TCM should not be confused by the name of his network publicity, and the operation of fame tends to neglect the study of professional knowledge. Reputation is the least reliable way to judge the quality of Chinese medicine. At this time, we need to make reasonable use and judgment on the network, and it is best not to be confused by the network. But there are also many patients who spontaneously help their word of mouth on the network, which depends on your network judgment.


To judge the level of a Chinese medicine do not be confused by his ancestral heritage and so on, the general ancestral heritage of what is not very reliable, the current understanding of all the famous ancestors, the child is not a famous doctor. Do not pay too much attention to age, in fact, Chinese medicine is based on understanding, not the older the medical skill is better.


To judge the level of a Chinese medicine also see whether the people around the Chinese medicine is sick will go to see him, if even the friends around him are not willing to see him, it means that the level of Chinese medicine is average.


Judging the level of a TCM also depends on the level of his pulse diagnosis, and there is a folk saying that men are left and women are right. But if a TCM doctor only feels the pulse of one of your hands, you don't trust him, you can just get up and leave. The real TCM pulse diagnosis can only be made by carefully touching the pulse of both hands. Not to mention the ones who don't feel your pulse, don't look at their tongue, ask you how you're doing and give you the medicine. So that's something to keep in mind.


Pay attention to observe their own reaction when taking medicine, if it is taken three or four drugs have no reaction, it basically means that the level of Chinese medicine to give you medicine is a general, because in fact, Chinese medicine is not a slow doctor, as long as the diagnosis is correct, prescribe medicine, in fact, the effect of Chinese medicine is very fast.

Matters needing attention

To judge the level of a TCM staff, you actually need to know a little about medical science


To judge the level of a Chinese medicine staff or you need to believe in the Chinese medicine to see a doctor for you, because since you have chosen Chinese medicine, you must insist on believing him, and do not be half-hearted