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How to disassemble and clean Fei Ke razor

2018-04-22 00:00:11

After the use of electric shavers for a period of time, often the internal will accumulate a lot of beard debris, if not cleaned up in time, one is easy to cause bacterial growth, the second is to hinder the normal work of the razor, and increase noise and power consumption. So, how to disassemble the Feike razor for cleaning?


Fei Co razor

Operation method:

First, press the protruding button on the head of the razor to release the clip and pop the top out.


After the top cover is loosened, separate the top cover from the shaver body, and then brush off the debris in the part where the main body meets the top cover with the small brush provided.


This information comes from experience


After separating the tool holder guard, clean the tool holder guard with a small brush.


After the tool holder guard is removed, because there is nothing to hold it against, the tool head can be easily taken out.


After the knife head is taken out, take the blade out of the knife head cover, and clean the blade and the knife head cover respectively.


After all the pieces have been cleaned, put the pieces back together in the reverse order as they were disassembled. Note that after the tool holder guard is installed, it should be rotated back into place in the opposite direction as it was disassembled.


Finally, the top part and the main part of the razor can be reconnected.

Matters needing attention

According to the official statement of Feike Razor, it is generally necessary to clean at least once every three months in order to make the razor work better and have a good service life.


The cleaning methods of other electric shavers are small, and can be carried out by referring to the above methods.