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How to deal with the new pure wood cutting board

2018-05-12 16:00:33

Chopping board is the kitchen utensils we use every day, our dishes need to go through the processing of chopping board before the pot, therefore, the hygiene of chopping board is very critical, now most of the chopping board is made of wood, so how to deal with the newly bought pure wood chopping board to use it, let's have a look.


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During the cleaning process, you can apply with white vinegar, which has the effect of sterilization. Then soak for a period of time, about 3 hours.


After soaking, apply salt evenly to both sides of the wood cutting board and gently rub with your hands for 5-6 minutes, then leave to dry in a ventilated place.


Let dry and rub the salt off the surface until no salt particles are visible.


Then use a brush to evenly brush a layer of cooking oil on the cutting board, you can paint a little thicker, and then wrap in a plastic bag, wrapped after 5-6 hours to remove.

Matters needing attention

The cutting board is waterproof after absorbing oil, but it also needs to be dried regularly to avoid mildew.