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How to convert paper text to electronic text quickly?

2018-05-14 17:36:58

The paper version of the text into the electronic version of the text, a word to lose too troublesome, the following teach you a quick way to quickly convert the paper version of the text into the electronic version.


Transmission picture literacy small program


Enter the main interface, and then press and pull down the screen to enter the mini program interface as shown in Figure 2. I can directly click on the mini program I already have in Figure 2, if not, click on the "three dots" in the red box;


Click the magnifying glass pattern in the upper right corner of Figure 1, and enter "image transmission literacy" in the red box in Figure 2. It can be seen that a lot of relevant content appears below. I generally select the first one to enter the interface in Figure 3, and then select any one of them for subsequent operations.


After entering the image literacy applet, there will be 3 picture text types to choose from: [print font], [handwriting font] and [table], select one of the picture text types, take [print font] as an example. When selecting a picture, you can shoot it directly, you can select it from the album, you can also select it from the chat history, I take direct shooting here as an example.


Search for a piece of text from above, align the text you need to shoot, and then all the text in the photo will have a black box. If we click "Select all", the text we do not need will also be included (all the yellow ones in FIG. 3 are included). Then we click "Select None" in FIG. 3 and return to the state in FIG. 1. This is the box where the text we need is located, as shown in FIG. 4, and then select "Copy text" in the lower left corner.


There are two ways to get the text we need. The first method is to select [send email], enter the email address, and then log in to your mailbox to download the sent file.


Related content learned from experience


Finally, return to the main interface, find the File Transfer Assistant, you can see the content we just pasted, copy and paste it into the WPS document or other files.