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How to clean the glass glue on the floor

2018-05-12 00:00:52

How to clean the glass glue on the floor





First, how to remove the glass glue on the floor 1, use an eraser to rub along the edge bit by bit to easily remove the mark. But depending on how sticky you are, it could be different. If there are conditions alcohol + eraser effect is good.2, you can take a dry cloth covered with vinegar, to cover the entire double-sided tape traces, until the double-sided tape is completely soaked, you can easily remove with a ruler. 3, you can also use heating to soften the adhesive of double-sided tape: blow with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive, when the adhesive force of double-sided tape becomes weak, it can be more easily removed. If there is still a small trace, wipe it with a polish remover. 4, when removing, whether using light water or vinegar, be sure to let these supplies completely wet the double-sided tape marks


Second, the cleaning method of glass glue (1) When the glass glue is not cured, whether it is glued to the human body, utensils or clothing, it can be easily removed by washing, so the cleaning of uncured glass glue is simple.


The cleaning method of glass glue (2) 1, the more the glass glue on the hand is rubbed, the more sticky, as long as the pour a little flour on the hand 2, under the action of flour to help the glass dry quickly 3, this time gently rub the flour and glass glue off together 4, the next step is good with cleaning


The cleaning method of glass glue (3) and then there is the glass glue that has been cured, which is extremely difficult to remove. If the cured glass is attached to glass, ceramics, metals and other items, you can consider scrubbing with solvents such as xylene and acetone (if you do not know these two substances, you can consider banana water, because banana water contains these two substances), if the curing glue attached to glass and other items is relatively small, you can also consider using a scraper to scrape it off. If attached to and clothing, you can consider brushing with a brush, if not, you must consider banana water.


The cleaning method of glass glue (4) There is also a situation that the glass glue is glued to the hand and cured, this situation does not have to worry about, the treatment is very simple. After curing, the glass glue does not stick firmly to the hand, so it can be removed by rubbing each other with both hands. If you feel that sticking glass glue is a hassle and you don't want to think about how to remove it, just remember that glass glue contains mechanical substances and can be easily removed with banana water containing xylene and acetone. Acidic glass glue will release irritating gas during the curing process, which has an irritating effect on human eyes and respiratory tract. The alcohol-type neutral adhesive releases methanol during the curing process. Methanol is a potential carcinogenic risk and a known skin and respiratory irritant, and the volatile gas can inflame the eyes, nose, and throat. Therefore, this product should be used in a well-ventilated environment, avoid entering the eyes or prolonged contact with the skin (after use, wash your hands before eating and smoking), and do not ingest this product. Keep out of reach of children; The construction site should be well ventilated; In case of eye splash, rinse and seek medical attention immediately. Fully cured glass glue is not in any danger.

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