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How to choose children's shoes tips?

2018-03-12 22:24:00

The children at home are our babies, so we should take good care of our children. When our children are young, the development of the foot is very important, when choosing shoes, we must have certain skills, today I will give their children to choose shoes experience to tell friends.


Children's shoes


Selection technique


The development of children's feet is very key, for parents to pay enough attention to the choice of children's shoes should pay attention to the permeability of shoes, because the permeability of shoes is good, can make the child's foot skin will not appear dry and hot when walking.


Children's feet are generally very young, when buying shoes, we have to look at the corners of the shoes are not very soft, if the corners of the shoes are soft, then it will not damage the child's feet, if it is hard, then it is recommended that parents do not choose.


When we choose children's shoes, we should choose shoes with larger sizes, at least when the child tries on shoes, your fingers can be put into one, so that the child will not be uncomfortable because the shoes are tight when walking, and will not inhibit the development of the child's feet.


The workmanship of shoes is also very important, generally choose shoes do not choose plastic rubber soles, the quality of these soles is very poor, and walking for a long time will produce harmful substances, not good for the development of children's feet, so it is recommended not to choose such materials of shoes.


Synthetic socks or shoes are not good for children's feet, because the overall quality of such shoes is general, and contain a lot of harmful substances, which will make your child's feet can not breathe well, which will lead to the appearance of foot moss, so we should pay attention.


The quality of cotton shoes is generally very good, and the breathable layer is also better, and the quality of shoes worn for children has a good role in promoting the development of the children's feet, and the sports shoes should choose a big brand of home, in general, the sports shoes of this kind of home are good.


When choosing shoes for the child, pay attention to the growth of the child's feet, because the child's feet develop quickly, wear small shoes for a long time, which will cause their toes to bend, resulting in permanent damage to the growing bones, parents must pay attention.