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How to check the voluntary admission of college entrance examination?

2018-04-25 08:00:44

The 2014 college entrance examination voluntary application has been over for nearly a week, the news of college voluntary admission frequently spread, but there are still many college candidates and their parents do not know how to check the situation of college entrance examination voluntary admission. So let me share with this group some of the ways I know.


Voluntary admission for college entrance examination


College entrance examination candidate

The inquiry method of college entrance examination voluntary admission:

We can go to the examinee's province of the college entrance examination network "admission inquiry" input information query.


Go to the website of the university you have applied for. So let me just take a screenshot of it and show you what it looks like.


To the high school office directly play consultation, according to the office asked step by step the examinee number, name and other important information to do, do directly will give you a reply.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Of course, if you want to secretly know the admission status, you can find a private place to check the text message. Each province has a different way to query SMS messages. As follows:


We can also directly log in to the provincial college entrance examination network and education network interface for inquiry.


Last but not least, we can also go to the Chinese exam network, it is more convenient. It's a lot of information.

Matters needing attention

Query must choose a reliable, correct way, these days cheat SMS to high examinees is also a lot.