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How to check the iron furniture material

2018-05-12 04:48:42

According to market research, the main consumer object of vintage iron art in the iron art market is the age group of 25 to 40. The reason why young people like it is because vintage iron is full of fashion and personality. The reason middle-aged people like it is because it can bring back memories, a sense of nostalgia. Consumption places for bars, home shop decoration, laid-off workers house, elderly activities. The number is not limited, the bar mainly iron bar table, iron bar chair is more common. Home iron art is mainly retro iron jewelry, iron screens, iron chess tables are common, and some retro iron beds. The price of retro iron art in the iron art market is not far from the price of European iron art, and the average consumer can accept it. In terms of the characteristics of iron furniture, iron furniture has the characteristics of anti-aging, durability and strong matching, which is more suitable for placing in a modern style of living room. So how to look at the material of iron furniture? Tianning Qinglong Mingjue iron art business department to help you answer one by one. The iron artist has the basic combination of metal glass, metal leather, metal solid wood and metal cloth, and pay attention to the material when selecting. You can do this by touching, observing the color, checking the brightness, and so on. Good wrought iron products usually feel relatively smooth and flat, the material looks more textured, the touch is not blunt, the color is relatively full. It can be seen from the market research results that the retro iron consumer group is now concentrated in the 25-40 years old young people and middle-aged people, the former is to highlight the personality, while the latter is with the memory of the mood.