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How to book train tickets online

2018-05-13 19:12:40

Approaching the New Year, the purchase of tickets has been put on the agenda, think about the terror of queuing up every time, on the heart, ah, now with the network booking, no longer have to wait in line, here is how to call you the Internet to buy you have to go home tickets!




12306 website account


First log in to the 12306 ticket website, remember, want to have a lot of phishing websites on the Internet, be sure to see clearly, the website, to determine the correct ticket website oh!


If you are a new user, then you must first register an account, and then you can buy tickets, if you already have an account, login directly click to buy tickets!


After the successful landing will appear as shown in the interface, and then you choose your departure location, the location of the arrival, the date of the departure, you can directly enter the address, also click on the input box to select the corresponding location, and then click query, if you are a student, you will check the student under ah, you can play half price oh.


After clicking "query", there will be a series of information such as the train number, departure time, arrival time, total time spent, remaining seats, etc., and then you choose the train number that meets your conditions, click "reservation", there will be a page to fill in personal information, which is equivalent to you buying tickets with a second-generation ID card, if it is the first time to buy tickets, You need to fill in the corresponding personal information, including ID number, number, number is to accept your ticket information, information after completion, will automatically pop up your ticket information, as shown in Figure 3, click OK, and then show your ticket purchase success!


Here is the last step to purchase tickets, click "payment", will open a new payment page; Payment can be made online bank can also be, with the QR code can be used to pay, after the payment is completed, return to the booking page click "payment completed"! You will be redirected to your booking completion page and you will be able to see your booked tickets! Congratulations, you've booked your ticket!


If you suddenly want to change your ticket, there is no problem, you can directly change or refund your ticket online, convenient and fast!

Matters needing attention

Refunds and changes must be processed two hours before departure


There is a handling charge for refund