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How to attract customers at the exhibition

2018-05-11 12:48:58

How to attract customers at the exhibition is a problem that all exhibitors are very concerned about. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, it is more and more difficult to attract customers at exhibitions. Participating in the exhibition in addition to the substitute for corporate awareness publicity products and expand the market, but also to understand the progress of peer products on the market, a lot of benefits, which is also one of the important reasons for many companies have been persistent exhibition. So, how to attract customers at the exhibition? Let's take a look at this operation.


First of all, after determining the exhibition, we should determine the booth according to the budget, this step is very important. Determine the geographical advantage of the first exhibition, which can maximize the value of the exhibition.


Secondly, pay attention to the image of the exhibition. If the budget is limited and the booth is not selected well, the preliminary drainage and demand filtering can be done through the appearance design color matching of the booth and the anthropomorphic robot. See the video for details.


After the booth attracts a large number of people through anthropomorphic robots to filter the early needs, business personnel should be able to seamlessly connect and further transform customer needs into signing orders. See the video for details.


For this exhibition, enterprises should do a good job of market research, and on the premise of understanding the main needs of customers and future pain points, the marketing plan of the enterprise exhibition is positioned and considered comprehensively.


You can prepare some creative small gifts for this exhibition, so that exhibitors can help enterprises carry out secondary marketing promotion. The robot brings a kind of visual and sensory impact and novelty to the customer, and completes a closed-loop experience by creative gifts.


The enterprise determines that the necessary media promotion should be carried out after the exhibition, and the necessary media promotion should be carried out in the three stages before the exhibition, during the exhibition and after the exhibition.


A large number of customers in the exhibition will take photos with the robot and shoot videos, which is an invisible and highly valuable communication for exhibitors. Therefore, after the exhibition, it is necessary for enterprises to carry out certain media publicity.


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