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How to arrange the punching process of the automotive seal strip, and it is intuitive and clear

2018-05-12 12:48:39

In the automotive sealing strip product process, there are many steps, the operator is difficult to understand a material there are several punching, several processes to complete the pre-processing, often miss the order, wrong order and other problems, today Xiaobian to share the small how to arrange the sealing strip cutting process;


Computer, EXCEL, sealing strip


We use UG software to open the sealing strip product. We export the picture, because the picture exported by the software is clear, screenshots are not recommended. The method is as follows


In the second step, we will mark the parts that need to be connected in order, so that we can clearly see how many corners we need to deal with, as shown in the figure;


The third step, we analyze the Angle of the sealing strip port, export the picture of the Angle of the part, which is convenient for us to design the process;


For the port labeling process, we arrange the process layout at the port, without missing items;


In order to let people see in the process, different processes use different colors to distinguish, so that everyone knows what method to use at a glance, as shown in the figure


After we complete the process sequence arrangement, how many processes do we need to produce? We can add numbers on the process steps to facilitate the statistics of the process, as shown in the figure:


Well, a complete process distribution map as well as processes, quantities, and production processes are clearly bought, so that people can get their related processes at a glance

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