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How to arrange fun places around?

2018-04-04 09:36:41

Compared with the development of mature and Nandaihe, the Emerald Island relative less quiet, but the supporting facilities are not good, camping Emerald Island is the most ideal choice.


Jade Island Jade Island is located in the county gold Coast, its east, north, west three sides by the Bohai Sea and seven Li Sea (lagoon) surround, is a yellow sand and green vegetation composed of the peninsula, is one of China's seven national Marine type nature reserves. Emerald Island green trees, shade covered, just like a piece of jade inlaid in the lake. From the top of the 40 meters high sand mountain to ride a skateboard down, face the sea, you can enjoy sand skiing, water skiing, swimming three kinds of fun. The island's elegant environment and pleasant scenery, near the scenic spot perched almost 1/3 of the birds, of which there are 68 species of birds belonging to the national key protection, you will enjoy the "world rare birds" perched here. The Emerald Island coast has fine sand, slow beach and flat tide, which is very suitable for swimming; Climbing the sand mountain not far away, it is like entering the desolate Gobi desert. Riding down the slope of the sand mountain on a sandboard, leaping across the gentle sand of the sea, straight into the embrace of the sea, is as cool as it gets. Small fish can be seen swimming in the sea of Emerald Island because of its low pollution level; You can see many birds hanging out here, and if you are lucky, you can meet the black-billed gulls of the "rare birds of the world" or let the "living fossil" fish swim with you... Admission: Adults 20 yuan, children 10 yuan Address: Province and city Gold Coast South District Transportation: 1. Beijing-shenyang Expressway: Jade Island is 270 km away, from the East Fourth Ring Road on the Beijing-Shenyang expressway, White deer toll station to get the card through, all the way along the expressway, at Exit 18 (Qinglong, exit, exit), along the Fuchang Huang Expressway to the coastal highway right, see the "desert Jade Island" billboard direction. 2. National Highway 205: From the direction, to, then to the coastal road after the right. 3. Jingshan: Get off the railway station and take a taxi for about 25 km. Get off the station and take a taxi for about 40 km.


Nandaihe International Entertainment is located in the provincial Forest Park of Nandaihe Tourism Resort, covering an area of 5.5 square kilometers. Here, the beach is wide, the water is clear, the air is green, and the trees are lush. It has the beautiful environment of returning to nature and the nature of developing tourism projects. Far away from pollution, the environment is quiet, lush trees and air. The beach here, the beach is wide, the water is clear, the sand is soft and the tide is flat, and it fully possesses the five elements of coastal tourism: the sea, the beach, the air, the sunshine and the green. It is a good place for leisure and entertainment for visitors, watching birds and sighing, visitors or playing sand and grass, or picking up shellfish to catch crabs, or green waves, or walking in the forest, will make people relaxed and happy, happy not to return. Ticket: (online booking, scenic spot payment) Adult ticket (from 7.1) Face price: 120 yuan same-trip price: 110 yuan


It is known as the "back garden of Beijing and Tianjin". Have the Great Wall, ecology and other good tourism. More than 40 scenic spots such as national historical and cultural city, summer resort, Nandaihe Tourist Resort and Gold Coast have unique charm, attracting tens of millions of tourists from home and abroad every year. It is one of the most essential parts of the Great Wall. The landscape is famous for the mountain and sea scenery, and the famous tourist resorts include the seaside tourist spot, the Guancheng tourist spot and the mountain tourist spot. The territory of the vast mountains, numerous mountains, dangerous peaks and valleys, waterfalls and flying springs can be seen everywhere. Attractions not to be missed: District: Ledao, Laoltou, the first Pass, Jiangnu Temple, Jiao Shan, Shan, Yansai Lake and other areas: Xinao Underwater world, Dolphin performance Hall, Qiuxian into the sea, wildlife park and other counties: Gold Coast, Emerald Island, Nandaihe International Entertainment, sand sculpture, Zu Mountain and so on... Transportation: To: Take bus No. 34 from Haibin Station and get off at the railway station.